Marrying the one you love

by Bruce H. Davidson on June 27 2013

​Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision was an important step. But the Supreme Court stopped short of ensuring that every state – including New Jersey – recognizes the right of everyone to marry. This fight isn’t over until everyone can get married to the person they love – and that will take leadership from inside and outside of the LGBT community. That’s why I’m supporting Rush Holt. Please join me in donating to support Rush’s campaign.

On March 26, 1983, I met Donald Barb. It wasn't love at first sight; but, as in many relationships that lead to marriage, our feelings deepened as we spent time with one another. We soon knew that we wanted to live our lives together, and that has become our reality. We have supported one another in our work and in our dreams, celebrated milestones and personal achievements, grieved the loss of loved ones. Thirty years into this relationship, Don is still the person who makes my heart beat faster and my days much brighter.  

Don and I have taken every opportunity to embrace the legal benefits and responsibilities offered to couples in committed relationships. For LGBT people living in New Jersey, this has meant Domestic Partnership and Civil Union. This, however, still leaves us feeling like second-class citizens in this society that honors marriage and isn't quite sure what these other arrangements mean.

Rush is a tireless champion of equality. In Congress as a founding member of the Equality Caucus, he fought to repeal DOMA and DADT. He has not only listened to those of us who have called for action, he has sought us out and solicited our viewpoints.  

Rush has sponsored and supported bills to end discrimination and harassment at school and in the workplace. When addressing LGBT issues in Congress, his statements have been profound and passionate, revealing a deep and courageous commitment to human dignity and justice. Please join me in donating to support Rush’s campaign. 

For many of us the decisions of the Supreme Court this past week have been a mix of disappointment and delight. While celebrating a step toward marriage equality for the LGBT community, I feel a deep sadness over the weakening of just policies of affirmative action and what is likely irreparable damage to the Voting Rights Act.  

Last year Congressman Holt invited me to join him in the 12th Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama:  Over three days, we listened to the stories and visited the sites of struggle for racial equality in the 1960s. It is rare that a busy Legislator takes time to be immersed in the lessons of such an important time in our nation's history, and Rush Holt is one of a very few members of Congress to attend this event more than once. Clearly, he is deeply aware of the realities of injustice and firmly committed to ending them.

That’s why I’m supporting Rush Holt – no one will fight harder for equality in the Senate. I know I can count on him to continue to take action and promote legislation to extend equality for all Americans. In the Senate, he will vote to confirm judges and justices who will protect civil rights and civil liberties.  Please join me in supporting Rush and donating to his campaign before the upcoming June 30th FEC deadline. 

Our fight for equality is far from over and Rush Holt is the best candidate to lead the fight in the United States Senate.