See why New Jerseyans are supporting Rush Holt and add your own endorsement.

Samara McAuliffe

Hopewell, NJ

Because I believe in progressive policy over celebrity.

Jay Joshi

Princeton, NJ

He is awesome!!! I love him as he supports education.

Bob Kopp

Highland Park, NJ

I'm supporting Rush because he's a strong advocate for education, for scientific research, and for evidence-based policy. He's been a leading voice for action against climate change and for the development a clean energy economy. And, even though so many of the issues facing our nation and our planet are long-term, big-picture challenges that would benefit from scientific thinking and evidence-based policy, the Senate, while full of lawyers, is completely bereft of scientists. New Jersey, the United States, and the planet all need the voice of Senator Rush Holt.

Angela Tolleris

Ewing, NJ

Rush understands the inter-connection between the areas of science, math, infra-structure, art, etc.

I understand these connections and that's why I support him.  We need more like him.....He treats everyone as if each person was a king/queen.

Dom Caracappa

Brick, NJ

Far too often our lawmakers are asked to make decisions about topics which run far outside the realm of their understanding. Funding for undirected research, anthropogenic climate change, technological advancements that have the power to transform our lives for the better or hinder our most basic rights as citizens.

We have Senators trained in business, law, medicine who bring the tools and training of their trade to the legislative process. Yet, how many of these people have the ability to truly wrap their heads around some of the most advanced and esoteric topics which today we find injected into Congress on a daily basis.

A PhD, by its most ancient context, is awarded to those who have showed a "love of wisdom". Today, that title is bestowed upon those people who dug so deeply into a given topic that by that effort has contributed something new to the discipline. 

Why do I support Rush Holt? 

Because those three letters next to his name have proven to me that he has the capacity and the drive to understand concepts and ideas that allude most people. The years he spent attaining his degrees and the years later in seeking to uncovering the secrets of the universe tells me that there is a mind, a serious mind at work here. 

I want Rush Holt to bring that same experience and drive and intelligence to the United States Senate. I want him dig into the issues that allude most and bring their truths to the surface and perhaps in the process elevate the entire national dialog. 

Mostly, I want the people of my state and the country over, to look at and be proud of the Senator sent to Washington by the People of the Great State of New Jersey. 

Rush Holt. Teacher. Scientist. Progressive. Senator.

Nicholas Dirago

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

​I've admired Rush Holt since I heard his talk to the New Jersey Governor's School of Public Issues in 2009, at which I got the chance to introduce the Congressman. He's the only candidate in the NJ Democratic primary who has a real progressive vision for the country, and he has the balance of intellect and common sense to be a bold, effective voice for the Party in the Senate.

Daniel Gorter

Ridgewood, NJ

​Congressman Holt has the experience, the skills, the intelligence, and the principles to be New Jersey's next senator. His brilliant mind - exemplified in his work as a professor and research physicist at some of America's most prestigious educational institutions, his articulate and knowledgeable discourse on public policy, and his impressive winning streak on Jeopardy - is complemented by his valuable experience as a New Jersey representative, where he has been able to apply his deep understanding of and real-life exposure to some of the toughest issues facing America, including education, energy, and the environment, by tirelessly fighting for positive progress in these areas on Capitol Hill. Rush Holt is without a doubt our best choice to represent New Jersey in the US Senate. Vote for Rush!

Lyman Page

Princeton, NJ

​He's a champion for values and principles we hold dear.

Deborah Griffin-Sadel

Little Silver, NJ

​As a librarian by profession I appreciate Rush Holt's strong support for libraries, science, education and the environment as well as his steadfast opposition to the Patriot Act.  He was one of the few members of Congress who actually bothered to read the intelligence report that got us into the Iraq war and argued and voted against this folly on the floor of Congress.  We need someone who will apply an evidence based approach to our nation's problems.  I sorely miss having him as my Congressman--I'd love to see him in the Senate.

Christopher Comninel

North Brunswick, NJ

I support Rush because he is not afraid to stand up for working New Jerseyans, and he has a proven track record of getting things done in Congress. He's a hard worker and will always fight for the people of New Jersey, not for fame or a pat on the back, but because he believes its the right thing to do. He's a stand up guy and will be an exceptional Senator.

Joel Barkin

Maplewood, NJ

Vincenzo Averello

Bayonne, NJ

​His stance on science and his motivation for more people in congress to think like scientists is always important. To see him in the Senate would make me even more proud of my state. 

Yu Taylor Zhong

Plainsboro NJ

​I support Rep. Rush Holt to run for US Senate. 1. He is the only scientist in Congress; 2. He advocate for STEM education; 3. He inspired the formation of Einstein’s Alley; 4. he advoates for education; 5. He kept college loan rates low; 6. He preserves battlefield and environment; 7. He communicates with residents.

In 2012, I wrote 3 Letters to Editor, supporting his Re-election campaign for Congress. The letters appeared on Times of Trenton, WW-P News, and Princeton Packet. I will help him again in his campaign for U.S. Senate. 

I'm a candidate for WW-P school board. WW-P has strong STEM education. I hope Rep Holt can support WW-P and enhance our district's STEM programs.

Yu "Taylor" Zhong


Candidate for WW-P Board of Education

Victor Miller

Princeton, NJ

​I feel proud and honored to have someone as caring and competent as Rush Holt as my congressman.  He's one of the best in congress.

Yoav Kallus

Kingston, NJ

​Rush Holt has been my representative since I have moved to New Jersey and he has always stood for sanity and responsiblity in Congress.

John Alfano

Manalapan, NJ

I personaly endorse rush holt for the senate,'' because he is the man for the job. Good luck Rush,'' I'm, In.

Andrea B.

Pennington, NJ

​Rush Holt never forgets what his job is and never forgets us, the people for whom he does it.  We are lucky to have a brilliant and caring person represent us and we will make a smart decision when we elect him to the Senate.  Go Rush!!

Christopher Jage

Hammonton, NJ

​I want an intelligent, thoughtful individual representing us in the Senate and while there are other worthy choices, Mr. Holt is, in my opinion, the only candidate for me.  Best of luck!

Gregory Szumowski

Lincroft, NJ

Kathleen McGuire

Lincroft, NJ

​Rush Holt has done an excellent job of advocating for the progressive issues that matter most to my family and me.  In addition, Congressman Holt insists upon transparency and makes every effort to communicate effectively with the residents within his district.  For example, he provides periodic status reports of his activities in the form of newsletters, and his online e-gendas allow voters to see exactly how he is allocating his time on our behalf.  Since re-districting, I am terribly disappointed that Middletown is no longer in Congressman Holt's district.  However, I am delighted to learn that he will be running for the U.S. Senate seat most recently occupied by Frank Lautenberg, and I heartily endorse his candidacy.